10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

by | Last updated Nov 2, 2017

stock vector red longboard skateboard bottom top and side view vector skateboarding deck in flat and outline 662308201 300x240 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsDo you enjoy pushing your skateboard? Neither do I! There is a reason why all of us love skating downhill. We love to cruise whether we are going uphill or downhill. Did I say uphill? You bet I did. For, this is the area where the best electric skateboards come into play. Light, smart and battery powered, they have taken the skateboard industry by storm and provided you are willing to join in on the fun, you shouldn’t let your clothes dry while others are enjoying in the rain.

Best Electric Skateboards 2017

Like almost anything else in your life, the phrase “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t apply to the electric skateboards. What has worked for your friend might not do the same for you, and vice versa. Hence, while you need to seek electric skateboard reviews, there is only one thing which should enable you to determine whether or not a skateboard is right for you: its features. Before you go into the market, remember the purpose for which you are buying it. Do you want to have it just for fun or for regular commuting? Will it support your weight? What about the spare parts? Are they easy and cheap to find? Do you want to go with 1 Motor or 2 Motors? What would you prefer: a thumb control or remote control system? Only after you have answered these questions will you be able to buy the best electric skateboard. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving your choice of product to luck. 

And now let’s “ride” right into the best electric skateboards list.

1: LiftBoard Single Motor – Best for Smooth terrain

LiftBoard Single Motor Electric Skateboard

Although not the fastest board of this review – it has a maximum speed of 16mph, the belt is driven electric skateboard has a plethora of other features to keep you hooked.

First is the charging power and it is what impressed me the most. Unlike, cheap electric skateboards, this one does what its manufacturer claim – at least in this regard. Charge it fully and it will cover the designated 16-mile range without breaking a sweat. That said, make sure you charge the product fully before using it for the first time. There will be two products to charge: the skateboard and the remote control. Both of them will show a green signal when fully charged. Make sure you see it before unplugging the charging cables.

One thing which depressed me about the performance of this skateboard was its performance going uphill. Although the manufacturer claims that it will incline up to 15* without a hitch, my personal experience suggested me otherwise. For, as long as the incline was below the 10* mark, the skateboard performed well. As soon as it went up, its speed went down and so did my enthusiasm. Not good!

The remote control – which is wireless, comes in the shape of a throttle which has been integrated with a breaking option. All you have to do is to pull it backward and it will eventually stop. Continue pulling it and the skateboard will start a reverse ride.

Finally, if you live in an area where it rains occasionally, this skateboard isn’t worth your money because it isn’t rain proof.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Good charging power
- Remote control has a breaking option
- You can push it without charge with minimum motor resistance
- Maple wood deck is strong and durable
- Lightweight
- Performance isn’t great when going uphill

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to take this longboard uphill or cruise on it during rain, there are no other reasons why you shouldn’t buy it.

2: Maxfind New Design Dual Motor – Fast Charging Time

Maxfind New Design Dual Motor Longboard

If you are looking for a stylish longboard – which has a plethora of high-end features to complement its aesthetics, Maxfind has solved your problem by introducing the New Design Dual Motor. First of all, let’s take a look at the items which comes alongside the skateboard. They include a user manual, a remote control, a power adapter, and a screwdriver. You might note that there is no remote charger because the company claims that it can be charged with your average Android Smartphone charger. Cost cutting measures in play! On towards the performance and one thing which bugged me throughout my first ride was crazy for more speed. Yes, it does a handsome 17mph – which is more than any beginner could want, but for a veteran rider, the speed limit might not be enough.    

As for the charging time, it takes only one hour for full charging, after which it covers a distance of 12-16km depending on your weight. In case the battery dies down, you can use it as a normal longboard, however, expect the motor to provide some resistance while doing so. Also, like the abovementioned skateboard from Liftboard, this one is not waterproof. That said, it is water resistant, so minor splashes of stagnant water or rain water won’t do the damage. However, the company doesn’t accept any claim on parts damaged by water so I’d be careful. 

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Good weight capacity
- Fast charging time
- Turns easily
- Uses a Li-Ion battery
- Waterproof
- Speed limit isn’t that great
- Some users complain of remote being struck midway through the ride

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to go full throttle, wants a skateboard which is inexpensive and charges fast, this one from Maxfind might suit you.

3: Acton Blink Board – Very Inexpensive

Acton Blink Board

For those of you who wants a skateboard which is inexpensive – but has compromised a lot when it comes to features, Acton Blink Board might be worth a try.

Let’s start with the positives and only because there aren’t many to cover a lot of space.

In fact, as far as I was concerned, apart from the price tag, this board has only one unique selling proposition, its weight. Standing at just under 10lbs, it is one of the lightest models you could get in the market. Moving forward and the range of this model describes why its price is so low. While the manufacturer says that it can cover 6.1mile when fully charged, what they don’t tell is that the range is dependent on your weight. Put simply, if you are on the lighter side, this board might hold its end of the bargain.

However, if you are heavy like me, the range might drop considerably, forcing you to come back home from midway. One more thing which degraded my opinion regarding this board was its braking. It is so abrupt, and so instant, that even when you are traveling at full speed, the brake will instantly stop the skateboard, making it dangerous for you.

Turning our attention to the deck and here is another positive which you might want to know – provided you are not put off by its negatives. Apart from being durable, it is very large, allowing persons of almost any size to use it with aplomb.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Lightweight makes it portable
- Inexpensive
- Deck allows considerable space
- Abrupt braking makes it dangerous
- Range is too low even for such a price tag

Final Verdict

As you might have deduced from my review, this skateboard isn’t in my good books. If you think otherwise, its low price suggests that it is worth a gamble.

4: ACTON BLINK Lite – World’s Lightest Board

ACTON BLINK Lite Electric Skateboard

Although the abovementioned board from Acton created in my mind a negative impression of the company, all my apprehensions have been rebuffed by trying this model. Although it costs less than its counterpart, the Acton Blink Lite has a lot of features which its colleague could only dream of.

Apart from its weight – which is obviously light, one thing which impressed me the most about this product was its design. It’s like Acton Blink has taken a trick from the 80’s to give this product a different shaped tail and nose. Add it to the neon color wheels and you’re bound to fall in love with it.

Also, at 7.7lbs, it is one of the lightest boards you’ll find in the market. As you might guess, such low weight makes it incredibly easy for you to carry it around, whether you want it strapped to your backpack or under-arm. The remote is small but solid and easy to use. It is covered in a soft-touch material – which provides its user with a non-slip grip.

As for the performance, while the 10mph speed is less than by half of what the high-end boards offer, its price is less than three times. So, when you compare the performance to its price tag, this board offers pretty good value for its money. Finishing on a negative point, the range of this board is only 5miles per charge. Yes, it costs low but the range is way too low. 

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Great Value for performance
- Solid Remote, sits comfortably in the hand
- Provides smooth acceleration
- Very nice application which is loaded with features
- Can ride it even when the battery is dead
- Range is less

Final Verdict

Most of us want to have boards as lightweight as they come, but we also don’t want to compromise on the features. If you fall into the category of the majority, you’ll love this board.

5: Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard – Made for Retro Lovers

Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.4 Skateboard

For small to medium sized riders who are looking for an inexpensive yet fun way to add force to their commute, the Atom Electric H.4 is at least worth a try. First thing first and its kick-tail deck shape makes this board ideal for those who want either to strap their board to their backpack or pop it under their arm.

Also, if you want to show off an Ollie, the unique deck design will allow you to do just that. Looking at the remote control and besides being wireless and lightweight, it offers two-speed modes to cater for your needs. For example, if you are a beginner who is just learning the game, the slow mode will tame the board to suit your expertise.

As for experts, the fast mode will turn this into a beast. Also, if you live in an area where dust or wind storms are a norm, the low maintenance of this board offers you another incentive to buy it. Since it has no belts or gears – as the hub motor is hidden inside the wheel, it is very easy to maintain.

Another useful feature of this board is the battery level indicator. Provided you don’t want to be caught off guard midway through the journey, the battery indicators will let you know when it’s time to stop. Lastly, if you hate the assembly of your products, rest assured that this product will come fully assembled. All you have to do is to unpack, charge, and use it.

Final Verdict

As stated earlier, this electric skateboard has everything a beginner needs to learn the sport. For experts, it offers a thing or two for them as well.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Comes in a retro shape
- Motor offers low resistance when you are pushing it without power
- Has a built-in battery indicator
- Have two-speed modes
- Deck isn’t the most durable

6: Yuneec E-GO2 – Made for Long drive lovers

Yuneec E-GO2 Skateboard for long ride

If you are not willing to pay the top buck and are able to compromise on the features, the E-GO2 is an extremely reasonable electric skateboard for the money.

First thing first, E-Go2 is NOT the performance board if you are looking for one. Put simply, it will not fill you with adrenaline by offering high-speed rides, rather, thanks to its max speed of 12mph – simply not the fastest, and a 400W motor, the best E-GO2 can claim to be is a reliable performance which can endure the ups and downs of your journey. What it lacks in speed this electric skateboard makes up for in range.

For the purpose of comparison, while the M1 and boosted board offers a range of seven miles, this one raises the bar by providing the max range of 18miles (depending on your path and weight). Hence, as long as you want to schmooze through the city and even the suburbs – and want to leave your charger at home, this skateboard will come handy. Since it charges pretty quickly, you won’t have to keep it plugged in all day. However, as stated earlier, its relatively low price tag comes with a number of compromises. First is the 400W motor which is simply not good enough on hills. Second is the remote control which doesn’t only responds slowly but is fairly low quality as well.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Good range
- Charges quickly
- Offers reliable performance
- Remote control is low quality
- The 400W Motor makes it struggle with steep hills.

Final Verdict

For the addicts of adrenaline, this electric skateboard might not fit the bill because of its lower top speed. For others like me who value durability over speed, it does fit the bill.

7: KooWheel D3M Updated Version – Made for Speed lovers

KooWheel D3M Updated Version Board for speed lovers

If speed wasn’t the USP of the E-GO2 electric skateboard, it is the major reason why the D3M is so popular among its users. Now in an updated version, it might cost a little extra up front but for those of you who love to cruise, D3M simply has too many features not to lure your attention.

Talking about the speed and this is where its 500W dual motor comes into play. Using electricity to push your wheels, it allows the skateboard to hit the speed of 27mph. While the top speed will obviously come down if you are traveling on hills, the 500W motor will make sure that it does remain considerable even at that time. Battery life is yet another feature which you just cannot ignore about this skateboard.

Apart from the fact that it has a range of 24miles, KooWheel offers you a spare battery pack which is a cinch to replace. In fact, some customers have boasted that it takes them 15seconds to replace the battery.

As you might guess, with speed comes the problem of motor overheating. However, KooWheel hasn’t ignored this fact as they have provided this skateboard with a temperature control mainboard. As soon as the motor starts to heat – which it won’t do often, the mainboard will slow down the skateboard’s speed, hence saving you from overheating. Lastly, it has a deck of seven layered Canadian Maple, which, unless you don’t destroy with a hammer, won’t give way.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Top speed of 27mph
- Astronomical range of 24miles
- An easy to replace battery
- Comes with a temperature control mainboard which saves you from overheating
- Relatively new in the market, hasn’t been subjected to rigorous testing

Final Verdict

Most of us turn to electric skateboards for only one purpose: speed. The KooWheel D3M offers that and much more at a considerable price.

8: Benchwheel Dual 1800w  – Highly portable

Benchwheel Dual 1800w - highly portable vehicle

Although it doesn’t offer the same top speed and range as the D3M longboard – not many will, the Benchwheel Dual 1800W still has many features to gain your attention.

If you are a new rider who wants a huge help from his skateboard to get going, the excellent brakes of this skateboard will give you that. Not only when you are visiting the city, these brakes hold their own even when you are going on the steepest roads. Hence, you won’t fall off the skateboard once the brakes strike.

Another worth noting feature of this skateboard is the reliable wireless remote. While newcomers might not understand its importance, a reliable remote is what most hardcore riders want from their skateboard. This reliability, in turn, has come from its toughness which allows the rider to use all three features of this remote with confidence. On the negative side, it doesn’t has a smartphone app so you’ll always have to travel with the remote in your hand. Also, if you like to ride in the nighttime, it doesn’t have any lights to make you visible. 

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Braking is excellent
- Reliable wireless remote
- Portable – comes with a handle attached
- Can go in reverse
- Fast charging
- Doesn’t have a smartphone app
- Has no lights for nighttime riding

Final Verdict

If you can travel with a remote in your hand and doesn’t travel when it’s dark out there, this skateboard has got all the other features to become your darling.

9: Falcon Board – Fast Charging Time

Falcon Board

For those of you who are a fan of the thrill which the linear acceleration of your car provides to your heart, you’ll absolutely love this board. Yes, it might not be the best in the business, but due to the combination of a hardcore features and considerable top speed, it does make the cut.

Although it won’t use your smartphone as its controller – it doesn’t offer a mobile app, the substitute, its remote, works remarkably well to keep your nerves calm. Apart from providing the usual features – acceleration, braking and cruise control, the remote is also furnished with a LED battery level indicator. Thanks to its 1200W Brushless Motor, this skateboard covers hills really well. When it comes to twisty trails, the fun doubles thanks to the additional power provided at your disposal by a giant of a motor.

One area where this board disappointed me was its braking. For, merely stating that they aren’t smooth can be an understatement because they are jerky. If you buy this skateboard, better adjust your stance so that if/when the board jerks, you are ready to prevent accidents. Finishing on a double edged sword, the cooling fan of this skateboard is irritatingly loud. Yes, it will keep the motor cool at all times, but your ears might not appreciate it.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Considerable top speed of 20mph
- Huge range of 30km depending
- Charging it will only take 2 hours
- Deck is both strong and flexible
- Inconsistent braking makes the board jerky at times
- Cooling fan is loud

Final Verdict

While it isn’t the most inexpensive skateboard of our review, I won’t recommend it for the simple reason that its inconsistent braking makes it dangerous to ride.

10: SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard – Charges in a moment

SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 Electric Longboard

For those of you who want to see something newer, cheaper and smaller in the electric skateboard market, SWAGTRON says Hello! Costing just $199 at the time of writing, it is undoubtedly the most inexpensive skateboard of this review.

Before we turn our attention to the corners SWAGTRON has cut to make SwagBoard NG-1 so inexpensive, let’s take a look at its plus points. Other electric skateboards – even the high priced ones, usually have one battery level indicator which is located on the remote control. Swagtron has gone one step ahead by providing the indicator on the board as well. Hence, if you don’t notice it, the passersby will tell you when it’s time to go home and charge your board. Looking at its aesthetics and portability and two features come forward.

Swagtron has taken care of the former by adoring the seven-ply maple wood deck with a grip tape. As for the latter – since it weighs only 10lbs, this board is super light if you feel like carrying it. Just like what you’d expect from the higher-priced boards, both the wheels are motorized and are coated with polyurethane to make them heat, water, and scratch resistant.

On the negative side and the range is too less – approximately 4 to 10 miles, despite the fact that it takes only 1 hour to charge. Also, the maximum speed is only 11miles per hour which further drops down depending on your weight.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Electric Skateboards 2017 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
- Super cheap
- Very light – weighs just 10lbs
- Takes just one hour to charge
- Both the wheels are motorized
- Top speed is only 11mph
- Range lies between 4 and 10miles

Final Verdict

If the price is your only consideration when going for an electric skateboard, and speed and range aren’t, this board merits your attention. Buying Guide It is plausible that you’ve selected your skateboard from the abovementioned product reviews. Still, we recommend that you go through this buying guide for one simple reason. The product reviews were only specific to those products. They won’t tell you anything else. Hence, if you want to have a general know-how of electric skateboards, this guide will come handy.

Electric Skateboard or Electric Longboard?

Ask people, and you might come to know that most of them do not appreciate the differences between the two. While our review would gauge the effectiveness of both, it is still important for you to distinguish between the two. Take a look.

Electric Skateboard Whether you want to do a kickturn, are allured with an idea of doing an Ollie, or want to do a nollie, electric skateboards will allow you to do all kinds of tricks. For example, if you want to do a kickflip, all you need to do is to kick a part of your board to make it flip. This luxury, however, isn’t offered by the electric longboards.

Electric Longboards If you want a skateboard for commuting purposes or just to get around the city, you are actually looking for a longboard. Thanks to the additional space provided on the board, they provide additional balance, making themselves a Must-have for commuting.

How do Electric Skateboards work?

How do electric skateboards work? Believe me, it is a no brainer and you already know the answer. For, you aren’t pushing them in the forward direction – that’s the reason we ditched traditional longboards. Rather, all you’d be doing is pressing a button and allow the skateboard to take you forward.

Electric skateboards have sensors and electric motors integrated into their wheels. There are gyroscopes, tilt angles, and all sorts of sensors to make sure that the board is upright at all times. Below your footpad, there are switches – monitored by infrared LED sensors, which get triggered by your feet’s movement. As long as your feet are flat, the sensors won’t give its motherboard the command to turn on. Remember, the motherboard won’t command the skateboard to move forward. That discretion is in your hands – via the remote control. The sensors merely activate the motherboard, nudging it in moving mode.

Now, as soon as you are ready to ride, you push the button on the remote control to take you forward. Apart from the “moving forward” button, there will be many other options on your remote control – depending on the quality of your skateboard. That said, speed control is common across all electric skateboards. You decide at which speed you want to go forward, and the skateboard will take you.

Types of Electric Skateboard

There are five types of electric skateboards. Let’s check them all.

Standard Single These are the skateboards which have only one wheel powered. Consequently, they have a lower top speed, provide less acceleration, and aren’t recommended for steeper hills. On the plus side, they have are the most inexpensive skateboards you’ll get in the market.  

Standard Double If you are looking for top of the line electric skateboards, standard double deserves your attention. Thanks to the pair of motors which is mounted on the rear side, they provide better traction, are much more stable and ooze out more power in comparison to single wheels. Depending on your expertise on a skateboard, these boards allow you to set their speed accordingly. For example, if you are a beginner on an electric skateboard, they’d allow you a beginner mode which, in turn, will provide less speed and acceleration.

Hub Motor As stated above, the off-road skateboards work best for those who live in a hilly area, or where the pavement isn’t smooth. It is because they have pneumatic tires integrated with a knobby tread, and also have sufficient power to back those huge wheels. Hence, Provided that you have got the best hub motor electric skateboards, the off-road skateboards can handle much more difficult terrains than you might imagine.

Off-road As stated above, the off-road skateboards work best for those who live in a hilly area, or where the pavement isn’t smooth. They have pneumatic tires integrated with a knobby tread and also have sufficient power to back those huge wheels. Provided that you have got the best, the off-road skateboards can handle much more difficult terrains than you might imagine.

Monowheel As suggested by their name, the monowheels have one wheel, which is located at the center of the skateboard, making the balancing act both fun and challenging for the rider.

Five Mistakes to Avoid

Too heavy and big Never spend your money on a big and heavy skateboard no matter how tempting it seems to you. It would end up being an annoyance due to its less portability, which comes from its big size and heavy weight. Rather, go for a skateboard which weighs less, and is easy to carry around.

Low Capacity By capacity, we mean the weight a skateboard can support. Although we normally overlook this feature, it deserves the utmost attention of those people who are on the heavier side. Also, there is a misconception that the bigger the capacity of a skateboard, the heavier it should be. It isn’t true so, provided your weight is a bit heavy, go for a skateboard which provides an amalgam of good capacity and considerable speed.  

Wheels There are two things you need to consider while checking on wheels. First, they should be durable – most urethane wheels are durable. Second, they shouldn’t be too small because smaller wheels cannot handle rough terrains. Also, the bigger the wheels, the more stable and smooth your ride will be.

Inconvenient Control Method Select an electric skateboard which has an inconvenient control method, and you are bound to be frustrated on busy streets. If possible, always go for a hand-held remote control system because it allows easy navigation. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you can get your hands on a skateboard whose control system supports Bluetooth connection.

Too noisy The noise coming out of the skateboard has to do with the wheels. Sometimes, it’s also the bearings which are the real culprits, other times, the cooling fan might be making all the noise. No matter who the culprit is, you shouldn’t invest your money in a skateboard which is noisy from the start. For, you are going to use it on public areas and would attract unwanted attention if your skateboard is crying.

How to choose the deck?

Although there will be other considerations – which are covered later in this article, like battery type, motor, and remote control, choosing the right deck is of utmost importance. All of them are not created equal so you need to understand which one would suit you. With this in mind, we are going to stick with the composition of electric skateboards. Take a look.

Carbon Fiber Deck Also used in the formation of bicycle frames, carbon fiber is very strong and extremely light at the same time. Moreover, thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, it is a perfect MOC for motorized longboards. On the downside, carbon fiber is expensive, more rigid, and absorbs fewer vibrations. Hence, your ride might not be comfortable.

Bamboo deck Thanks to the compressive strength of bamboo – which is more than concrete, wood, or brick, bamboo is also used for making longboards. Since it is flexible, bamboo absorbs road vibrations, leading to a comfortable ride. On the downside, bamboo boards are a bit heavier, so most manufacturers mix it with either Rosewood plies or Maple word to make it a bit lighter.     

Concave or Camber? These are two shapes in which most manufacturers produce electric skateboards. Talking about concave, it is the curvature between the rails of the board. Since both the rails will be protruding in this scenario, it holds your heel and toe in place, while also allowing tricks. As for camber, it is the curvature between the nose and tail of a longboard. The majority of skateboards you see cruising around your street have camber style. This shape gives the deck plenty of flex, while also saving it from scraping the ground.

Battery type

Generally speaking, there’s a thumb rule which applies to normally all the electric skateboard batteries: the bigger, the better. Having said that, they normally come in two types. Let’s take a look at each of them to find out what suits you.

Lead Acid Battery Check any car from the days gone by, and it’d be using a lead acid battery. Inexpensive to the manufacturer, these batteries allowed the manufacturers to keep their profits high and overhead low at the cost of the customers. If you are going to use your skateboard for occasional commuting – or weekend rides, the lead acid battery will work just fine. However, if you will be riding more than that, Lithium Ion batteries deserve your attention.

Li-Ion battery If you weigh less – and want a skateboard that does the same, Li-Ion batteries will make your wish come true. Being 1/3rd the weight of Lead Acid batteries, they are also one-third the size, allowing the longboard to be quicker and lighter at the same time. More importantly, Li-ion batteries provide greater acceleration than their Lead acid counterpart. They also outperform Lead Acid batteries when it comes to durability. For example, you might have to change your Lead Acid battery after 200 charge cycles. On the contrary, Li-ion batteries will remain with you for 500charge cycles. Finally, as you might guess, there is one area where Lithium Ion batteries raise eyebrows: their price tag. Since it outperforms Lead Acid battery in almost every department, a Lithium-ion battery will cost considerably more.

Motor Type

Just like the battery, there are two types of motors in an electric skateboard. Scroll down to know which one is made for you.

Brushed Motor Brushed motor functions by the creation of magnetic field whose opposite ends keeps the central rotor turning. Since it doesn’t have any electronics, a brushed motor would operate in more extreme conditions. Also, provided you are lucky, you can get your hands on a brushed motor which is re-buildable for life. Still, there is a reason why the best electric skateboards use brushless motors. In addition to requiring periodic maintenance, a brushed motor provides less speed than an equal-power brushless motor. Due to arcing of the brush, it produces more noise.

Brushless Motor A brushless motor operates with the passage of electric current. As a result, it requires less maintenance, provides more speed, has high efficiency and is smaller in size than a brushed motor. On the negative side, their cost of construction is high, so you’ll have to pay more. Also, an electric controller would be required to keep the motor functioning, which is also expensive.

Remote Control

Take a look at various skateboards’ remotes, and you’d come to know that almost all of the producers have gone on wireless connections. Still, if you don’t want to pay extra, there are other options including, but not limited to: thumb joystick, thumbwheel, thumb slider RC controls, and index finger trigger. If you ask us, we always recommend going for a design which has a protruding element. For, it will allow you to avoid accidents which are caused by unwanted movement or braking. Also, if needed, go for waterproof designs.


People think that speed is the only factor to keep in mind while choosing an electric skateboard. Now you know that isn’t necessarily the case. There are so many features to consider – and so many products are available in the market, that narrowing down your choice to one product isn’t easy. However, now that you have at your disposal the ten best electric skateboards, we hope that making the final choice would be easy for you. Good Luck!


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