10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by | Last updated Nov 2, 2017

depositphotos 80619154 stock illustration game controller and keyboard icons 300x300 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsAre you searching for the best gaming keyboards of 2017? Of course, you do, that’s the reason you are here. However, before I lead your search to fruition, I’ve got some good and bad news for you.

First, the bad news. As you might already know, there is no shortage of gaming keyboards on the market. To make matters worse, each shopper claims having the best gaming keyboard. How to authenticate his claim? Allow the good news to roll in.

For, if you know the features which distinguish the best gaming keyboard from an ordinary one, you’re in dreamland. No matter how hard a conman shopper tries to sell his product, you’ll know whether the product in his shop deserves your money or not.

It is where this article comes into play.

After making a checklist of features – which has been revealed later in this article, we have selected the TOP 10 Gaming Keyboards available on Amazon. What’s more, we have also provided you with a gaming keyboard buying guide, using which you can select a keyboard without our help.

Put simply, if you stay with us for the remainder of this article, we’ll lead you to a keyboard which will take your gaming experience to the next level.

10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017

During my research, I found out that not one gaming keyboard could meet the needs of all of us. You might like the keyboard your friend uses to play FIFA 17, but it can be useless while playing COD.

Put simply, if you are looking to get a good value for the money, you need to look at some factors.

First, decide on the price you’re willing to spend. For, gaming keyboards are available in three price ranges: below $100, between $100 and $150, and above $150. Hence, you need to decide how deep your pockets are.

Second, do you need a membrane or mechanical gaming keyboard? For, while the membrane keyboards belong to the lower price spectrum, the mechanical gaming keyboards are much more ambitious.

Third, do you want a keyboard which has to light in behind? If you play in the dark, the exquisite lighting can make your gaming experience more breathtaking. 

This list of features is not exhaustive. To know about more features, scroll down to the gaming keyboard buying guide.

After checking various gaming keyboards, we have compiled a list of the ten best of them. Take a look.


1. Tt eSports Poseidon Z – Most       Sturdy Keyboard

Tt eSports Poseidon Z

If you have been looking for an RGB keyboard minus the astronomical price tag and the crazy looks, the Poseidon Z RGB is worthy of your attention.


First thing first, the Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has been equipped with a LED Black light display. If you are a fan of gaming in the dark, you’ll absolutely love this feature. As for the layout, eSports have gone classic, hence providing the gamers with the retro feel.

Secondly, you might be aware of the awkward feeling when – deep into your game, you inadvertently press the Windows Key to disturb the flow. Thankfully, since it contains a disable windows key option, this keyboard will rid you of any such miseries.

As we have talked earlier of the benefits of Macro keys, this keyboard – via its programmable Macro feature, will provide you just that. In fact, apart from the Window and Fn key, you can convert all keys into a macro key.

Another useful feature of this keyboard is the set of profiles it allows you to create. For, it allows five profiles for different games – hence saving you from the hassle of setting controls every time you switch between games.

User Critics

Some users have complained that this keyboard is way too loud. That is, if you want to do some typing besides gaming, this keyboard might make your work a bit tricky.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Heavy, feels good in your hands
- Comes with a 5 year warranty
- Allows 5 Game Profiles
- Has LED illumination
- Loud

Final Verdict

If you are going to buy a keyboard specifically for gaming purposes, this keyboard is worthy of your money. However, if you want to perform other tasks – like typing as well, it is NOT worth the extra cost.

2. DREVO Calibur – Best for Multiple Profile Lovers

  DREVO Calibur - the pearl of best gaming keyboards

If you are a fan of illuminated keyboards – but praise some decency as well, you’ll absolutely love the white-colored DREVO Gaming Keyboard. What’s more, its price also belongs to the lower spectrum, which, when viewed by juxtaposing with its warranty, makes this keyboard a no brainer to have.

Note: There’s a black version of this keyboard available in the market.


When you’ll start this keyboard for the first time, it will greet you with its seven lighting modes. What’s more, all of these modes are configurable, meaning you can adjust them to run slower or faster as you please.

Finally, the keyboard also contains a couple of memory buttons which allows the keyboard to remember the color pattern you set up last time. Hence, there is little to no danger of seeing a different color pattern every time you switch on the keyboard.

As for the switches, they are of pretty good quality actually. For a person who has used Kaihl Blacks, Cherry Blacks and Reds (ranked worst to best), I would rank these Outemu Blacks as my 2nd favorite. For, in addition to the absence of flex in the board, you’ll have to try very hard to evoke a ping out of this keyboard. Pretty Solid isn’t it!

User Critic

On the flip side, the 60wpm limit of this keyboard makes it a No-go area if you are into typing. What’s worse, you cannot type more than 40wpm on a Windows unit as the keyboard will give way after that. Also, in the past, some users had complaints regarding the Bluetooth 3.0 employed by this keyboard. Thankfully, Calibur has resolved the complaint by updated the Bluetooth to its 4.0version.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Solid Build
- Seven lighting modes
- Memory button lets the keyboard remember your favorite color modes
- Good Polling Rate
- Bluetooth connection is relatively unstable

Final Verdict

Even after the upgrade, the Bluetooth connection offered by this keyboard isn’t spotless. That said, it has a lot of other features to make up for this shortcoming. And as it doesn’t cost much, you can ignore this little malfunction for the meager price tag.

3. Airfox K20 Ultra – Long Battery Life

  Airfox K20 Ultra

Although it is the cheapest of gaming keyboards, it is impossible to guess the price tag of this keyboard just by looking at its features.

The features are THAT good that it can compete with any high-end – and high priced – model with aplomb. Let’s take a look at its features to know whether my praise of this keyboard is justified or not.


The first thing you will note on opening the package box of this keyboard is its solidity. For, in addition to the rugged metal back, it has regressed feet, which means it won’t slide around on your furniture. So, no scratch marks whatsoever.

Also, since it is wireless, the question of battery timing will inevitably come into play. However, thanks to its Li-polymer battery, you shouldn’t worry about its battery timing. For, while it will remain on for 300hours usage without backlight, this keyboard has a 5hour usage time with backlight on. Pretty handy when you compare it with other wireless models.

Compatibility is another area of this keyboard which has made it a darling of gamers. In addition to connecting with the usual Mac/Windows options, it is also compatible with iOS and even Android platforms. Put simply, whether it is your Laptop, a Tablet PC, an iPad or anything else, just connect this keyboard and Play.

More importantly – for a typist like me, it operates quietly. There is no hammer-like sound when you press the buttons, allowing you to do your work in silence. As for the lighting modes, it offers seven of them – with two brightness levels and an auto-sleep level which will detect when you are not using the keyboard to turn it off to save its battery.

User Critic

Some users have complained of the space bar being stuck after they used this keyboard for some time. Others feel annoyed with its battery saving mode complaining they have to click the buttons a few times to get it back from its slumber.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Extremely lightweight yet solid
- Has a battery saving option
- Generous battery life
- Compatible with a wide range of operating systems
- Operates quietly
- Buttons lag a bit when it is in the battery saving mode

Final Verdict

Though you may think otherwise, the button lag problem in the battery saving mode is not that big deal. Here’s what you can do to solve it: just never let it go to the battery saving mode in the first place. Really, it’s that simple.

4. ANNE Pro Bluetooth 4.0 – Compatibility Giant

  ANNE Pro Bluetooth 4.0

Though relatively new in the market, the Anne Pro Bluetooth 4.0 Keyboard has shown all the traits to be a success. Doubt my claim? Read its features to find out.


The first thing which has made this keyboard a darling of users its limited space-occupying keyboard. Thanks to the 61 keys – which occupy only 2/3rd of the space of your normal keyboard, it is comfortable, handy and durable for everyday work. That is, whether you want to play, study or work, this keyboard is a must-have.

Also, if you are a professional gamer, you might already be aware of the importance of arbitrary programming shortcut keys. Making the keyboard convenient to operate, this keyboard boasts these keys.

Also, giving you a taste of its compatibility, this keyboard comes in both wired and wireless forms. For, while the wireless version makes it compatible with the new versions of desktops, the wired version does the same to the old ones.

Finally, as we already talked above, some users are annoyed by the sound their keyboard buttons make. Thankfully, by utilizing PBT keycaps, the buttons of this keyboard have been made delicate in touch.

User Criticism

Some users have lamented the limited battery life of this keyboard when operating with the backlighting mode.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Backlit, mechanical and wireless (a rare combo)
- Build quality is decent
- Price is manageable
- Has an optional USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter
- Battery life is limited in the backlighting mode.

Final Verdict

If you feel you can do your work without a number of keys and a dedicated cursor – yes, this keyboard doesn’t have these utilities, this is a quality backlit, mechanical, wireless keyboard.

5. Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum – Has Brilliant Software

  Logitech RGB G810 Orion Spectrum

Ask professional gamers, and they might tell you that this keyboard is the step-brother of the slightly more expensive Logitech G Pro keyboard. Yes, there are some similarities – as both of them belong to Logitech, however, this one races ahead when it comes to features.


So, what is it that makes this keyboard a must-have? For starters, the ultra-responsive key switches separate this keyboard from the competition. By providing 25% faster key actuation rates – as determined by the manufacturer, these ultra-responsive key switches make sure not one of your move in the game goes amiss.

Secondly, if you are a fan of listening songs while playing games, this keyboard provides brilliant media control buttons. For, it has dedicated buttons for play, pause, volume adjustment and mute to give you the power to adjust and skip songs right from your keyboard.

Turning our attention to the design – and since it doesn’t contain anything flashy, this keyboard is positively dignified. For, since the keys touch the edges of the peripheral, most has been made of the keyboard’s space.

As we are talking about keys, it would be cruel if I didn’t mention how quiet they are. More importantly, to give you a hint of the keyboard’s ruggedness, the keys provide a good amount of resistance on pressing. Hence, they won’t ditch you down midway.

As for the features, only one sentence would be enough to showcase their efficacy: this keyboard runs on the Logitech Gaming software. Well, in case you don’t know already, this software is one of the best gaming management programs.

For, in addition to allowing you to reprogram certain keys, this software gives you the option of playing with the full backlighting. What’s more, you can link games to custom profiles and since the software has the ability to automatically scan the system for games, it will create profiles for them on its own.

User Critic

Some users have complained that, while playing some games, the profiles wouldn’t load automatically. Others deemed it not good enough for typing.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Has an elegant design
- Provides great performance
- Have comfortable keys
- Backlighting is gorgeous
- Not the best for typing due to low polling rate

Final Verdict

Boasting an elegant interface and substantive extra features – those which you can actually use, the Logitech G210 Orion Spectrum is a versatile, attractive keyboard.

6. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 – The Lightweight Master

  Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

To please veteran PC gamers – who are pleased with nothing but the best, the BlackWidow Chroma V2 has all the bells and whistles. It is well made, uses Razor’s personalized key switches, and has a pass through for both a USB port and a headphone jack. Still, it isn’t perfect and with its price touching the ceiling, the competition is fierce for this keyboard.


If you love keyboards that feel smaller, you’d absolutely love this keyboard. Otherwise, you would find yourself cramped for space because the keys aren’t well spaced from each other.

Nevertheless, this keyboard is very well built – and there is extreme solid plastic feel due to the absence of even the traces of flex in its body. Also, the padding is great as well and while it might not be as durable as I like, it has got the finish of my liking.

Turning our attention to its performance, I have to say the orange switch – with which this keyboard is equipped, allowed me to code, write and game with aplomb. For example, every time you’ll press a key, a solid tactile bump will welcome you, hence allowing you to feel each key. That said, this keyboard isn’t silent by any stretch of the imagination and is the loudest of its rivals.

As for the lighting, the keyboard is one-miss-one-hit in this regard. For, while the RGB lighting underneath each key is bright, it isn’t consistent, meaning there is an RGB separation between lights. To make up for it comes forward the Chroma Configurator software which, despite being advanced, is easy to use.

For example, if you want to fire a macro or open a program – you can assign each key for the action. Similarly, it allows each of your games to have their own RGB lighting effects and keyboard layout once you’ve set it.

User Critic

As stated above, the RGB lighting of this keyboard is anything but perfect. Also, the keyboard has no media buttons as well.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Advanced and easy to use software
- Key switches are quality
- Design is attractive
- Provides a comfortable wrist rest.
- Expensive
- Only contains one USB slot

Final Verdict

Boasting a detachable wrist rest, this keyboard has a lot of customization options to blow your breath away for the good. Hence, if you can afford to pay its price – which is anything but cheap, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 is a nice option to have.

7. Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma – Pure Elegancy

Just another BlackWidow. This is the three word review of this gaming keyboard. For, it has all the features – and also the shortcomings, which you normally expect in the BlackWidow series.

  Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Chroma - elegant keyboard

Want to know more? Scroll down.


As mentioned above, the BlackWidow X is a proud ambassador of the Black Widow line of keyboards. Nothing signifies this statement as well as its design. Being full size and containing a row of micro keys, the X is simply a variation in the BlackWidow series.

One area, however, where it differs from its counterparts is its face plate. Extremely low profile, it lets you see every key cap – and even the root of the switch lying underneath. This is in stark contrast to other BlackWidow series keyboards on which you see a plastic plate hiding the lower half of the key caps.

Another aspect where it shows similarity to other Black Widow keyboards – especially the BlackWidow Chroma mentioned above, it is size and weight. In addition to having the same size and weight, there is no built-rest as well as any wrist support offered by this keyboard. Hence, if you felt looking at its price tag that Razor might have gone bold, you were wrong!

As for the keys, while they are pretty responsive to their credit, they are noisy as well. On towards the features and while its ultimate version contains five extra macro keys, this Tournament edition is tenkeyless. After that, you get full RGB illumination, a good, working software and a vibrant appearance of colors.

Finally, talking about performance, I was greatly impressed with how the keyboard performed seamlessly no matter to which game I tested it on. Be it Star War: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider or StarCraft II, the keyboard performed fantastically.

User Critic

Users have had two major complaints with this keyboard. First, they complained that this keyboard is much too expensive to not have a USB pass-through. Second, some lamented that its appearance interferes with typing.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- New design
- Mechanical switches are decent
- Software is brilliant
- RGB lighting is mesmerizing
- Lack of USB-pass through

Final Verdict

If you don’t do typing enough – which means you want a keyboard ONLY for gaming purposes, the Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition is worth a shot.

8. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard – Master of all trades

If you are a gamer who doesn’t need – or demand much of your keyboard, the Das Keyboard 4 is a worthy addition to your arsenal. To put it mildly, it is a workhorse, meaning it won’t ditch you anytime soon. Also, the blue switches are just too good to ignore.

  Das Keyboard 4 Professional Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard


Where are all the macros? This was the first thought which came to my mind after looking at this keyboard. That means, if you are a gamer who cannot live without macros, this keyboard is NOT worthy of your money.

Nevertheless, there is a large population of gamers who don’t need macros, to begin with (raise your hands, FIFA lovers). For them, the bomb build keys suggest they are in dreamland. Thanks to the anodized aluminum top panel, the build quality is way too good.

Similarly, whenever you will depress the keys, a loud “click” sound will come out. It’s the switches mentioned above that deserve the praise for this. That is unless you haven’t used membrane keyboard for ages, this Das Keyboard is a dreamland to type on.

That said, no matter how high its price tag is, this DAS keyboard will never attract the attention of Leage of Legend and/or World of Warcraft players. There are three reasons of this: the keys are just not enough, macros aren’t there, and no thumb keys will restrict you from changing key mappings on the go.

Still, this purist, minimalist version of a gaming keyboard is not without its advantages. For, it doesn’t require a driver, has a couple of more extras – like the 2-port USB and a 3.0 Speed hub, and has on-board media controls.

So, while it isn’t the best gaming keyboard you’ll ever see, it is one of the purest. Now figure out what the preceding sentence means.

User Critic

As stated above, lack of macros is a big concern for users. Similar is the case with the number of keys whose shortage makes this keyboard a No-go area for hardcore gamers.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Durable will last ages
- Doesn’t require a software to run
- Gives a number of extras
- Keys are dependable
- No macros

Final Verdict

If you want a mixture of a gaming keyboard and a 1940’s typewriter, this keyboard was built just for you.

9. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical  – Inexpensive Yet Quality Keyboard

If you are looking for a keyboard which is both best and inexpensive, your search ends here. That said, looking at the high targets Logitech keyboards set for themselves in the past, this keyboard fails to meet some of them.

  Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical best gaming keyboard


Compare it with other gaming keyboards – or even with traditional keyboards, you can see it looks a bit naked in design. Everything is just too much exposed, in a bad way that is. Have doubts? Just look for a traditional plastic fairing on the keyboard. You won’t be able to find it. Why? It isn’t there. Consequently, with no plastic faring, the underlying base plate of the keyboard is there for all to see.

Another thing you’ll notice on first looking at this keyboard is its thinness. Ever since the introduction of G910 Onion Spark by Logitech, the company has gone for sophisticated and thinner keyboards progressively. It is in this context that the G413 seems the final major step, for it measures only a centimeter thick.

As for the performance, Logitech, surprisingly, went neither for Cherry MX switches nor did it go after membrane keys. Rather, what you get in the G413 is a full dose of Romer-G switches. Since they are relatively new, it’s likely you have never heard of them before. No worries, as there are only two things you need to know about these keyboards: they are silent and they are responsive.

More importantly, since they are rated at 70m actuations, these switches should last longer than yur former, traditional keyboard. Also, if you want to differentiate your gaming-specific keys from the rest, the G413 provides 12 faceted key caps. Use them.

Unfortunately, the one area where this keyboard was badly let down was its features. For example, even though it contains macros, there are no media buttons. What’s worse, the USB pass through is just 2.0 – can you believe it? A very, very bad move.

Nevertheless, while we have presented the bad features, there are good ones as well. Just look at the bottom of the keyboard where a cable pathway is waiting for you to route it to your headphone cable.

User Critic

As suggested above, this keyboard doesn’t have a media control button. Similarly, the speed of the USB-pass through – which is rated 2.0, is a farce.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Sturdy
- Sophisticated, thin design
- Key switches are comfortable
- Inexpensive
- No media keys
- Lighting options are limited

Final Verdict

Though not very customizable – as indicated by the lack of media keys are limited lighting options, the inexpensive G413 features an attractive design and comfortable key switches.

10. Razer Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard – Most Popular and Sold Keyboard

Talking about the Mac Gaming Keyboards, the Razer Ornate Chrome is the Best Seller. What’s it then which perched this keyboard at such a prestigious place? We find out in the features section.

Razer Ornata Chroma – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard


No matter whether you like this keyboard or not, you’ve to give it credit for one thing, at least: it led to the rebirth of rubber-dome keyboards. While Logitech has released their rubber-dome keyboard, it was the Razer Ornata Chroma which let the world know that rubber-dome keyboards haven’t faded into the night.

On towards the hard facts, Razer has equipped this keyboard with a magnetic wrist rest. An inch high, it contains a good dosage of plush form to let you rest your wrist. Although the foam may fade out over time, it looked brilliant straight-out-of-the-box.

One blunder you’ll immediately notice on seeing the keyboard for the first time is that the letters are offset. For no obvious reason, the letters are perched at the top of each key, giving this keyboard an awkward look.

You might think that the offsetting of letters has something to do with the Led lighting, where in fact it wasn’t. For, all the LEDs are centered, meaning the bottom of each letter is distinctly brighter than the top. Hence, this lack of uniform lighting is another negative.

As for the curious words of Mecha Membrane technology, it indicates that this keyboard has a part silicone dome, part mechanical switch. Consequently, when you press the key, both parts will come to action to do the deed.

One thing which I found surprising with this keyboard – more so that it is a best seller, is that it has no audio or USB pass-through. Similarly, there are no dedicated media keys as well.

Without so much to make better, the performance of this keyboard is surprisingly good. Yes, the fusion of two technologies – Ornata Chroma, will make you feel weird a bit at the start, but as you go on, you’ll notice the purpose of this marriage.

User Critics

No dedicated media keys. No audio or USB pass-through as well.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Inexpensive
- Provides fine typing experience
- Contains custom designed keycaps
- Contains anti-ghosting
- No dedicated media buttons

Final Verdict

If you own a Mac, there is no other gaming keyboard which is as popular as the Ornata Chroma. Yes, it has some shortcomings – no keyboard comes foolproof, but its low price gives this keyboard a head start over its much-more expensive counterparts.

How We Tested Gaming Keyboards?

To make sure only the best product goes through, we employed a rigorous testing mechanism for gaming keyboards. For example, the first thing we tested about a gaming keyboard was how easy it was to set up.

We plugged in, installed its software and found out how easy it was to change its settings. Afterward, to compare it with our typing keyboards, we run a typing test on both. This was done to find out which one typed faster and accurately.

Afterward, we used the keyboard on the same game using different settings and profiles. For example, one of our keyboard, which was tested while playing FIFA, made three profiles: Classic, Custom A and Custom B. This was done to make sure that each key functioned as it was designed to in the first place.

In the last step of our testing, we tested the same keyboard through games of two genres. It was done to evaluate how well (or poorly) it performed, and whether it gave any hiccups on a specific genre game.

Only after a gaming keyboard ticked all the right boxes that we included it on this list.

Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

You might have already selected the gaming keyboard to suit your needs, this buying guide still deserves your attention. For, no matter how good they were, the product reviews were limited to those products. Hence, if you want a general knowledge of all gaming keyboards, read this gaming keyboard buying guide.

Why You Need a Gaming Keyboard?

All of us know gamers who continue to rely on traditional keyboards. This evokes a question: what benefits you’ll reap by switching to a gaming keyboard? Here are the answers.

Reduced Size

Gamers want one of these two things from their keyboard. First, if they play on a computer table, they want their keyboard to consume less space. Second, if they play while resting their keyboard in their lap, they want it to be conducive to their sitting posture. A gaming keyboard, due to its reduced size, provides both.

Ergonomic Design

Ask those using traditional keyboards – and if they are honest, they will complain of burning hands. This is the problem which comes from using traditional keyboards. And as gamers use them more frequently than any other person, they are more exposed to this problem. However, thanks to their ergonomic design, gaming keyboards give gamers no such pains to deal with.

More Keys

It doesn’t mean that your next gaming keyboard will invent more keys. Rather, it will make the same number of keys more accessible. How would it do that? By placing more buttons close to your hand’s range.


Did your traditional keyboard had utilities like USB port, headset port or macro buttons? Of course, it didn’t. Thankfully, justifying their price tags, gaming keyboard has all of this and much more.

Types of Gaming Keyboards

As stated above, there are two types of gaming keyboards: mechanical and membrane. Let’s take a look at pros and cons of each.

Mechanical Keyboards

Thanks to the physical switches located below the keys, mechanical keyboards determine whether the user has pushed a key or not. When you press the key, the switch gets pressed down, sending a command to the PC to do likewise.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- They last longer than a standard keyboard
- The number of keys you can access is more
- Rests firmly in your lap
- Has a reduced size, hence covers less space on your desktop table
- They are heavy
- Loud
- Expensive

Membrane Keyboards

The keyboard your laptop most likely contain is a membrane keyboard. Lift the upper keys and you’ll see a silicone keypad underneath the keyboard. It is on this silicone keypad that the letters are printed, which you press on the keyboard to send signals to the PC.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- Relatively quiet
- Provides faster typing experience
- Affordable
- Won’t last longer if you are using them for gaming
- Consume more space
- The number of keys you can access is relatively less

Wired or Wireless

Ever since the time when the first wireless keyboard was invented, a debate continuously rages on between computer users: wired or wireless? To settle this debate, we have listed down the pros and cons of both. Take a look.


As you know already, wired keyboards require being plugged into the USB port of your computer. Because of their simplicity, they are the most common gaming keyboards available on the market.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- No need to worry about battery recharging
- Due to absence of software installation, easy plug, and play
- Inexpensive
- Thanks to the wire running around, they have less aesthetic appeal
- Restricts movement of the gamer


Currently, in the vogue, wireless keyboards have become a part and parcel of the life of a gamer. However, their huge appeal doesn’t mean that they don’t have any shortcomings.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & ReviewsCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2017?! - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
- No restriction of movement
- Absence of cord reduces clutter around your desktop
- Distance from desktop bodes well for your health
- Expensive
- Battery life is limited

Features to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

As you might guess, there is no consensus between gamers about the features which define a good gaming keyboard. Rather, depending on the type of game they play, every gamer looks for different features. That said, there are still a number of features which find wide acceptance. Hence, you might want these features in your keyboard.


Talking about premium gaming keyboards, most of them have to backlight. Backlighting varies from single color – which has a few brightness settings, to multi-color with wild rainbow arrays. Finally, if all other things are kept constant, backlighting will increase the price of a keyboard.

Extra Ports

As stated earlier, the best gaming keyboards provide extra ports. For example, whether you want to connect your gaming headset or has two USB’s to transfer data from, the extra ports might help.

Toggle Keys

If you don’t want your computer to push back the game because of some malfunction, toggle keys are essential. For example, all of us faced the problem of a “Start menu” springing up while playing Virtual Cop 2. Toggle Keys prevent these occurrences from happening.


As gamers, we have to do some repetitive tasks to make sure data doesn’t get lost. If you are lazy like me, allow macros to do the same for you. Being a software, it lets you perform a series of function via a single command.

Improved Polling Rates

Talking about standard keyboards, they typically have a polling rate of 125Hz. It means that they send input to your computer 125times/second. It is good enough for typing, however, gamers deserve and need much more than that. Consequently, no matter which gaming keyboard you choose, it will provide polling rates between 500Hz to 100Hz.


All of us had the same problem with our keyboards when, on pressing more than one keys at the same time, it missed, causing our Virtual Car to crash straight into the boarding rather than taking a sharp left. To prevent this from happening, you need a gaming keyboard which can handle at least 5 keystrokes at a time. This capability is known as Anti-Ghosting.

Profile Storage

Every game requires different keystrokes to play. Tell me, is it feasible for you to change the controller settings every time you switch between games? Of course Not. Hence, you need a keyboard which supports profiles of 3-5games on average. What’s more, if you can afford to pay a premium, there are gaming keyboards which allow as many as 10profiles in one go.

Pass-through connectors

These are extra places on a keyboard provided to stick stuff such as USB headsets, thumb drives, gaming mice etc. Though not a must-have, pass-through connectors are a nice luxury to have.

Detachable Wrist Rests

Yes, even though you might never have heard of them, detachable wrist rests exist. While you are playing, they offer a gradient to your rest – by allowing it a smooth surface to rest on. Though not a major consideration, having a detachable wrist rest will add to your gamer swag.


Your search for the best gaming keyboard ends here. We have listed down the ten best gaming keyboards and as you can see, have also awarded you with a buying guide. Still, if you feel we have missed something, please let us know.


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