10 Best Smart Watches 2017? – Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance

by | Last updated Nov 2, 2017

valentine day smartwatch collection 1057 428 300x300 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceIf you have been paying attention, you might have noticed that the battle for your wrist is getting fiercer day by the day. While big names like Apple and Samsung have been in the race for years, traditional best usual and smart watch makers such as Fossil, Tag Heuer, and Citizen have jumped into the mix to deliver apps, notifications and more to your wrist. You might call this competition a good thing which it is, provided you are a smart watch nerd. If you aren’t – and I guess most of you will fall into this category, choosing the best smart watch for you has got a whole lot difficult.

So, how can you decide which smart watch will fulfill your needs and is also right for your budget? Here’s a quick guide.


Best Smart Watch in 2017

By taking a large number of factors in consideration, we have reviewed each the 10 best smartwatches in the market. These factors include: the GPS capability of each smartwatch, its battery life, ease of charging, number of features and their usability, its user interface, design, style and comfort.

Hence, while no smartphone will be equally beneficial to you all, the range of features offered by each smartphone is so vast that you can select a smartphone which will satiate your appetite.

Finally, while the list on its own might be enough to land you your favorite smartwatch, we recommend reading the Smartwatch buying guide before making a purchase. For, it will make you a knowledgeable buyer.

Here’s Our TOP picks from the smartwatch market

1. Suunto Spartan Ultra HR – Best for Serious Athletes

If you are a serious athlete who is looking for a durable watch, the Suunto Spartan Ultra HR with a powerful battery, a big display, and a myriad of other features is a must have.

Suunto Spartan Ultra HR - best smart watch for serious athletes


First of all, and I think is very important, that this watch is very easy to use. In addition to including the touch screen, it has three buttons on the right side to help you navigate through the menus. Long press the middle button, and it will lead you out of any menu section. So, the buttons are not mere showpieces, but they are capable of doing the job.

Talking about design, and Suunto Spartan Ultra is indeed a big watch. Not only is it heavier than watches in the similar price range, but its 320*300pixel display is larger than you will get on the rival watches.

However, if you feel that being bulky makes this watch uncomfortable, allow the silicone strap to negate your apprehensions. For, you can easily pull the slap tight around your wrist and it won’t slide around while you are running.

Looking at the menu, Suunto Spartan Ultra has a “watch face” menu which allows you to see different time zones, steps, or altitudes by a single tap. Provided you are going for an exercise, tap on the “exercise” menu.

Also, if you want to keep a track of your previous exercises, there is the “logbook” displaying your history. Lastly, if you are concerned about goal setting, there is a menu named “Activity” showing you calories burned and steps taken in comparison to your goal of the day.

As to why we recommend it to serious athletes, the Spartan Ultra HR sports more than 80 – yes EIGHTY, sports including the likes of running, swimming, skiing to martial arts, biking, and circuit training. Hence, no matter which sport you play, this watch has got you covered.


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Display is bright enough to read in sunny conditions
- Supports more than 80 sports
- Silicone strap makes it easy to attach this watch snugly around your wrist
- Has a Logbook to help you in comparing your actual performance against the set goals
- Battery lasts a solid 26hours in power-saver GPS mode
- Does not have an embedded heart rate monitor

Final Verdict

If you have been looking for a watch which could be durable and comfortable at the same time – while providing all the latest features, Suunto Spartan Ultra is indeed made for you.

2. Fitbit Blaze – Best for Fitness Freaks

Being Fitbit’s first attempt to produce a fitness tracker cum everyday watch, Fitbit Blaze has acquired the features of both. Coming in a variety of shapes, with a plethora of features and in different designs, this smartwatch merits your attention if your pockets are deep.
Fitbit Blaze Watch for Fitness Freaks


My first impression of this bike wasn’t great for it looked like a first generation, retro, traditional watch to me. However, after wearing it for one whole week – and taking advantage of its features, I had to change my mind.

The Blaze tracks stair climbing, steps, heart rate and will sleep automatically once you put your wrist down. It also adds side buttons and a big color touchscreen which allows you to start and stop workouts.

Also, if you want to get stats like heart rate, pace, speed mid-session, the touchscreen and the buttons will come to your help. And if you want your watch to work as a timer or stopwatch, Fitbit Blaze would do that as well.

Although the list of its functions isn’t huge, it is undoubtedly “smart”. For, if allowed, it shows texts, incoming phone calls and any reminders you may have set on its calendar. It also features a mini remote on its screen which allows you to control music from your phone. Also, if you are in a meeting – and running late for the next one, it can prompt you accordingly by its buzz alarms.

On the flip side, the Fitbit blaze does not have a stand-alone GPS. Put simply, if you are running and want your Blaze to watch over it, you’ll also have to carry your phone with you for GPS.  

Fitbit Blaze is also equipped with a Relax guarded breathing feature. Divided into two modes: two minute and five-minute breathing sessions, this feature gauges your breathing and tries to bring it back to the normal.

Lastly, this bike will also give you Sleep Insights. After taking into account what your sleep patterns are, it will start giving you advice. For example, it would badger you not to miss your evening walk because of its notice last night that you didn’t sleep well after missing the jog.


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- An impressive five-day battery life
- Offers sleep insights to help you sleep better
- Deliver stats midway through your exercise
- Hugely comfortable strap
- Its Relax guided breathing feature helps to get your pulse back to normal in no time
- Doesn’t have a standalone GPS

Final Word

Although the lack of a standalone GPS is a major shortcoming – more so if you don’t like to take your phone with you while running, there are many reasons – some of which we described, why Fitbit Blaze is currently the Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon.

3. Ticwatch 2 – for iOS and Android Devices – Best for Newcomers

Though not as famous as the abovementioned Fitbit Blaze – and certainly not as pricey, TIcwatch 2 Smartwatch certainly has a sizeable amount of features to lure your heart away.
Ticwatch 2 for iOS and Android


The first major advantage that Ticowatch 2 Smartwatch offers is its compatibility over a wide range of operating systems. Whether you are using an Android Smartphone or Apple OS, this app will cruise through all operating systems with aplomb.

Moving forward, the user interface of this smartwatch is highly intuitive. For, whether you want to operate it via voice control, touchscreen, flip and knock, tickle, or simply palm, it will do what it has to do while giving you maximum control.

Also, since Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch has a standalone GPS, you won’t have to take your phone with you while exercising outdoors. Talking about exercise, it tracks your steps, pace, calories, distance and heart rate, while also giving you the option to sync your data with your phone.

Moreover, if you are in a meeting and feel like taking out your smartphone every five minutes would be insulting to your guest, you can use this watch to have a quick glance over the incoming message, leave a reply or just dismiss it, without having to touch your phone even once.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Comes with a stand-alone GPS, no need to take your phone everywhere with you
- Intuitive user interface, responds to touch, tap, palm, tickle and flip gestures
- Allows you to sync your data with your phone
- Has an excellent voice pickup
- Thanks to the sapphire glass on the frame, won’t get scratches easily
- Battery will get dead way too quickly if you are using its GPS for long
- Not waterproof


Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch can be a great option for anyone who is just making an entry into the world of smartwatches. For, while it is loaded with features, it still doesn’t have the same zeitgeist about it which the likes of Fitbit Blaze enjoy.

4. Fantime Round Dial Display with Voice Gesture Control – Best for Low Price Lovers

If you are looking for a solid, round watch – which will give you a retro feel, and whose price tag matches the traditional watches, Fantime Round Dial Display is worthy of a shout. However, since it costs extremely low, you just CANNOT expect it to deliver the same features as some of the high-tech smartwatches out there.Fantime Round Dial Display with Voice Gesture Control

What this smartwatch lacks in features (more on this later), it compensates for in compatibility. Apart from being able to run on Android and iOS, it will run on almost any OS you have ever heard of. So, there is nothing to worry here.

On the flip side, its compatibility with iOS is limited. It is not compatible with Email and Message when used on an iPhone. Also, it has a leather strap which, although not being as comfortable as a silicone one, will do the job as long as you don’t wear it for longer times during exercise.

Another shortcoming of this watch is the lack of digitalization in display faces. For, while it has five-time display faces, only one of them is digital. So if you won’t want to go retro, you cannot use the four analog features and are left with only one digital face.


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Ridiculously inexpensive for a smartwatch
- Long battery life, charges quickly as well
- Compatible with a wide range of operating systems
- Limited compatibility on iOS – won’t do text and Email
- Charger is flimsy

Final Worlds

To be honest, while this watch has some of the features of a good smartwatch, its usability suggests it as a smartwatch in waiting. Hence, while people have bought it, this watch is not worth my money at least.

5. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – Best for LTE Lovers

Combining the latest innovation that has become a trademark of Samsung products with unique style and an AMOLED color display, the Samsung Gear S3 was (almost) the best smartwatch of this review. While it is compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher, I’d suggest that, to get the best results, keep it restricted to Android devices.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

The most interesting features which Samsung Gear S3 Frontier has to offer – and which were not there in S2, are the integration of Samsung Pay and Spotify with the app. Taking advantage of MST – a magnetic technology, you can use this smartwatch at any credit card terminal by a mere double-click of its button. Put simply, it’s a smartwatch which will pay your bills, provided you want it to, of course.

Another unique feature is Spotify, however, it comes with a caveat. While you can run it on Wi-Fi and LTE, it just won’t let you download tracks. Moreover, it will consume your battery within an hour.

In terms of design, it comes in two styles. The big design will seem like a huge sports watch on your wrist. However, provided that you like big watches, this will captivate your attention.

It is also integrated with a Samsung S Health features. Apart from doing pulse rate and automatic activity tracking, it would tell you when you are still for far too long when you consume too much coffee and also recommends stretching exercises when you stand up. Drawing on from this, I can say that it is a smartwatch which borders on fitness coaching.

Lastly, in terms of interface, Samsung decided to ditch Android Wear in favor of its native Tizen OS for Samsung Gear S3. When you look at it, you’ll know that it seems like a hybrid of Apple’s and Google’s Operating systems but it is much better than Android wear because it works brilliantly with iPhones as well.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Has a built-in LTE and GPS
- Equipped with Samsung Pay, Spotify, and Samsung S Health features
- Design is durable
- Voice control is very good
- Heavy


If you are a fan of Samsung Gear series, the S3 Gear Frontier has certainly done nothing wrong to disappoint you. In fact, by providing Samsung Pay and Spotify, it has offered you extra incentives to “go for it”.

6. Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2  Gunmetal Stainless Steel – Best for Retro lovers

No matter how many paeans we sing of silicone straps, there is still a sizable population which looks for steel when selecting a smartwatch strap. If you count yourself among this populace, the good news is that Fossil Q Marshal.

Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2  Gunmetal Stainless Steel

When you look at any Fossil Smartwatch, you might notice that the company has a penchant for big designs, and Fossil Q Marshall Gen 2 isn’t prone from this. With a 45mm watchcase and a 14mm thickness, it eclipses even S3 Samsung Gear in terms of thickness.

The screen is clear and bright, making incoming texts easy to read. Flip it and you’d see that there’s no heart rate monitor in there. However, it is water resistant so you can take it with you for a shower.

One area where this smartwatch has left its predecessors – I’m talking about you Q founder, behind is its processor. Named as Snapdragon 2100, the processor allows you to open applications faster, makes navigation quicker, making this watch a better all-round performer.

Charging this watch is also cinch thanks to its magnetic charging cable which will just cling onto the back side of the watch. Turning our attention to its fitness tracking, and it does what every good smartwatch does: tracks your steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Finally, you can sync this watch with your social media, email, text, calendar alerts and it also allows you to play your favorite music via Pandora, Soundcloud, Spotify, and iTunes.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Retro design
- Solid and well built
- Waterproof with a clear and bright screen
- Can sync it with a wide range of accounts
- Doesn’t have a heart rate monitor

 Final Verdict

Although its manufacturers didn’t explicitly stated it, Fossil Q Marshall was brought out as a direct competitor to Samsung Gear S3 and Apple Watch. Apart from the absence of heart rate monitors, it doesn’t lack much to lag behind the two giants.

7. Samsung Gear S2 – Best for Tech lovers

Thanks to the arrival of its latest version: Samsung Gear S3, the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch will not always be judged as something which has now gone outdated. However, as its fierce popularity on Amazon suggests, the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch is still in vogue.

Samsung Gear S2

If you are an Android user who wants to go with a Samsung smartwatch, the S3 has a better battery life, more RAM size and also has an embedded GPS. So, if you are looking for any of those features, you might want to turn your attention to Samsung Gear S3.

Anyhow, focusing back on S2, it has some really nice features in its Arsenal. Although it wasn’t originally compatible with iOS, a recent update has removed this lacuna and added sleep tracking, as well as the feature using which you can use your own photo as a watch face.

By going with the Tizen OS, Samsung decided to walk on a double-edged sword for me. For, where at one end Tizen OS has equipped this smartwatch with a brilliant interface and a good smartwatch screen, it doesn’t have the variety of apps which you can get on smartwatches operating on other OS, on the other. 

Also, this watch has been equipped with an ambient mode on Android wear which allows it to be “always on”. In this mode, although the screen will go dim after a specific time, time will always be displayed. So, if you don’t want to flick your wrist every time you want to look at the time, this feature is useful.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Has an innovative rotating bezel
- Good interface thanks to Tizen OS
- Works across a wide range of Operating systems
- Its ambient mode allows you to set this watch on an “Always On” mode.
- Battery time is significantly lower than the Samsung S3 Gear

Final Verdict

If you like the features of Samsung Gear S3 – yes S3 (it’s not a typo), but don’t want to pay the money which Samsung are demanding for it, you may go for S2 Smartwatch provided you are willing to let go of some of the features, and save almost a hundred dollars in the process.

8. Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices – Best for Swimming Addicts

Although it is not as loaded with features as some of the giants in this review, this Pebble Smartwatch provides a nice amalgam of quality, features and user interface which might keep you hooked.
Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices

Although we might have sufficed at the steel strap, Pebble has gone one step ahead by making the whole watch in steel. Not only that but since the material used is sturdy and solid, it might take some serious doing for you to damage the Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch.

Secondly, despite the fact that it is an “Always On” display smartwatch – which means that its screen won’t go dim, it has a powerful battery which lasts over a week. Also, if you want to swim with your smartwatch, the 30m water resistant depth of the Pebble Time Steel should come handy.

Inspite of the fact that it costs hundred dollars less than Samsung Gear S2 – and two hundred dollars less than Samsung Gear S3, it is still compatible with Android and iPhone. Yes, it lacks in some features which both those watches provide but still, producing such a quality watch at such low price is worthy of my respect for Pebble.

Also, if you want your smartwatch to be the second screen of your smartwatch, Pebble Steel would do that as well. It will give all notifications and messages that appear on your smartphone, without appearing too intrusive. 

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Huge battery life
- Compatible with both Android and iOS
- You can take it swimming
- The Stainless steel smartwatch face is just luxurious
- Has a 10.5mm thick marine-grade SS watch case
- Doesn’t allow to make phone calls.

Final Verdict

As stated above, while Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch was not intended to be a substitute of the giants such as Apple Watch and the Samsung S Gear series, its useful features – when added to its relatively negligible price tag, has turned it into a serious force in the market.

9. Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen – Best for wireless charging lovers

Is it really a smartwatch? That’s the first thought which came to my mind after watching the Motorola Moto 360. To be honest, I hadn’t looked at its features back then: just the analog watch face. As I gave it more attention, I found out that yes, it is a smartwatch, and not only had its sizable price dictated that to me.Motorola Moto 360 2nd GenThe first feature of this watch which attracted my attention was its wireless – yes WIRELESS – charging dock. Located underneath the watch, it is one of the best smartwatch charging mechanisms out there. That doesn’t mean that the battery life is huge, for you’ll be lucky to get a whole day out of the 400mAh battery.

In terms of display, while Motorola was one of the first companies to bring the round face into the Android Wear market, the company can still do without the “flat tire”. As for the display in itself, the Motorola 360 has been equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Panel, a 360*360 screen resolution, and an IPS LCD screen. 

Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, swapping between applications is a cinch. You will have to wait for only mini-seconds before jumping from one application to another. And since extra input methods are on offer – via voice input and companion applications, the performance is as smooth and snappy as it gets.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Thanks to it Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, swapping between applications is very easy
- Has a corning Gorilla Glass to protect the screen
- Wireless charging
- Has a heart rate monitor
- Voice recognition may give way on some occasions.

Final Verdict

Though it has a sizable cos, the Motorola 360 2nd Gen ticks all the right boxes to be taken seriously.

10. Pebble Time Round Smart Watch for Apple/Android Devices – Best for style lovers

Just like the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch has been left behind by its successor S3, similar is the case with the Pebble Time Round, which paved the way for Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch. Still, while it costs less, the number of features is still sizable for this watch to still remain in the vogue. Pebble Time Round Smart WatchThough superlatives are never in shortage when manufacturers describe their products, here is a watch which deserves one of them. Being the lightest and thinnest smartwatch the world has ever seen, I felt it impossible to not share this feature of this watch with my readers.

On towards the more tangible features and if you want a fitness watch, here is Pebble Time with a “Pebble Health” feature which, in addition to keeping daily and weekly insights of your exercises, gauges your sleep patterns before making recommendations on how to improve your health.

On the flip side, this watch is NOT water resistant. In fact, so much as a good splash might render it useless. So, water isn’t its best friend by any stretch of the imagination.

Also, if you want a smartwatch which, after taking help from your smartphone, delivers calendar alerts, silent alarms, and notifications, the Pebble Time Round 20mm Smartwatch will do that with aplomb.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and MaintenanceCons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Smart Watches 2017? - Buying Guide, Reviews, Setup and Maintenance
- Stylish plus comfortable to wear
- Has an ambient light sensor to adjust its brightness according to surroundings
- Delivers notifications, silent alarms and much more
- Battery life isn’t good as you might expect

Final Verdict

Though not the world beater – as evinced by its shortcomings mentioned above, this smartwatch has its fair share of plus points.

Smartwatch Buying Guide

As you know already, there is no one factor which alienates the best smartwatches from the riffraff. Consequently, in our smartwatch buying guide, we have taken a look at numerous factors which could help you in choosing your favourite wearable.

Have a look..

What do You need to Know?

There are some layman questions you need to ask yourself before going out in search of the best smartwatch. These questions, if answered correctly, will move you one step closer to the best smartwatch you’ll ever buy.

Android or iPhone?

Most smartphone users use their smartwatches to accompany their smartphone. Hence, it is imperative that no matter which smartwatch you choose, it should be compatible with your device.

However, as an average American changes his phone every two years, you might want to have a wearable which is compatible with most smartphones. For example, Samsung Gear S3 and Pebble smartwatches can connect with both an Android and an iPhone.

Hence, whether they might cost more, we recommend buying a smartwatch which is compatible across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Budget or features?

It is a no-brainer that if you want to get the best-budgeted smartwatch, you’ll have to compromise on some high-tech features and vice versa. Hence, either you have to over commit – by getting fewer features for a small price tag, or overspend – by having more features for an astronomical price tag.

It all depends on your usage on which kind of smartwatch will suit you best. If you are looking for a smartwatch merely for fitness purposes, you might want to forego other high-tech features i.e. Call receiving, notifications, alerts and so on.

However, if you want your smartwatch to be a perfect companion to your smartphone, you might have to spend a little extra to reap the rewards.

Is the Smart watch Water Proof?

Most smart watch users I know have no concern whether their wearable is waterproof or not. However, for fitness freaks who test their endurance underwater, this might be a crucial feature in choosing a smartwatch.

Thus, if you like swimming or any other water related activities – and want your smartwatch to accompany you, make sure that your potential wearable is waterproof.

Smart watch battery life

Similar to your smartphone, you might have to charge your smartwatch every day, or every other day. This is the same with every premium smartwatch – be it Apple watch, Samsung’s Gear S3, and S2, or Google Android smartwatch. Ask yourself: will you be able to charge it every day?

Buttons or Touch Screen?

I might seem stupid asking this question – as you might already have your heart set on a touchscreen, still, there are reasons why some people opt for buttons on their smartwatch. For, since its screen is diminutive, it makes touching smaller icons difficult.

How does a smartwatch charge?

Similar to the smartphones, not every smartwatch will charge in the same manner. For, if you pay a bit higher up front, you may get your hands on a wirelessly charged smartwatch. There are others which have snap-on docks to charge.

There is a third category which requires you to plug in cables into the smartwatch for charging. Hence, before you select a smartwatch, make sure that its charging pattern would resonate with you.

Features You Might Want to see in Your Smart watch

If you are willing to pay a bit over the odds for your smartwatch, here is a list of features you might want to have. Take a look.

Answering Calls

Although nearly all smartwatches empower their users with the ability to answer calls from their wrist – while the onlookers think that they are talking to their wrist, how a particular smartwatch answer calls vary from its counterpart.

For, while the Sony Smartwatch 3 answers call, it only does so by activating your phone’s speaker and mic or headphone, if plugged in. This feature would come handy if you are driving and are unable or unwilling to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Apple Watch allows you to answer your call directly from your wearable – without activating the speakers or mic of your smartphone.


If you feel lost in a rough neighborhood but don’t want to take your phone out for the fear of it being stolen, some smartwatches offer you the ability to navigate your way out of trouble. Equipped with GPS, you can use Google Maps on these smartwatches to get to your destination.


The best smartwatches are all customizable. That is to say that whether you are in a meeting or at home babysitting your child to sleep – they have appropriate screen savers for every occasion. Hence, whether you want to look professional or ugly, the best smartwatches offer you everything.

Hand drawn emoji

Ever felt that the emoji’s on offer on Facebook or Twitter are simply unwilling to forward the message you have in mind? Don’t worry, with the best smartwatches, you are given the chance to design your own emoji’s, before sending them to your loved ones to express your feelings at any particular moment.

Complement your dress

If you want your wearable to complement your dress for the day – I’m talking to You Ladies, the best smartwatches allow you to dress in different watch bands according to the occasion.

Activity Tracking

If you want to get your hands on a wearable that has fitness and health trackers, look for an accelerometer (measures speed), pedometer (measures steps), or heart rate meter. All these features will let you gauge how much calories you burned at what heart rate during your last exercise.

Display Features

So long as you aren’t able to see it clearly, even the best smartwatch will be worthless to you. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at three display designs employed by smartwatch manufacturers.


Both these displays work without a backlight. To illuminate the screen, they illuminate each pixel, giving high contrast ratios. While AMOLED screens display full colors always, OLED screens can vary from a single, double to the full-color screen.


As you might have noticed in your television, these screens produce a backlight to make images visible on the screen. This display feature will be beneficial if you’ll be using your smartwatch in sunny conditions or outdoors.

Black and White

Although you might not believe it, black and white displays ARE available in smartwatches. While people who use black and white display might not be overly retro lovers, they do so because these screens consume less power, hence imparting the smartwatch with a longer battery life.


When it comes to design, smartwatches differ from each other in two important aspects: shape and strap. Let us take a look at both of them to find out which one serves your taste well.


Take a look at any traditional watch, and you’d come to know that they liked it “round” back in the day. The trend has changed somewhat of late with watch manufacturers including “square” and even “rectangular” designs. Since choosing the shape of your watch is a matter of personal preference, we leave it to you to select your favorite watch shape.


Similar to shape, straps are also a matter of personal preference. Metal, plastic, steel and leather straps are available in the market. Another thing worthy of your consideration is the size of the strap. For, most smartwatches provide a 22mm connector, hence giving you a wide range of options to change the strap.

How to Set Up a Smart watch?

Now that we have taken a look at smartwatch buying guide and product reviews, it is quite possible that you’d have ended up with your favorite wearable. So, it is the time that you know how to set up a smartwatch.

How to Set Up Your Apple Smartwatch?

Before setting the Apple Smartwatch with your iPhone, make sure that you have an iPhone 5 or later version connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network, whose Bluetooth is enabled. Also, make sure to juxtapose your iPhone with your Apple smartwatch. Afterward, follow these steps to set up your Apple Smartwatch.

  • Turn on Your Apple Watch
  • Download and Install the Apple Watch App on your iPhone
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Now, pair your watch with your iPhone.
  • On your iPhone select the option ”Set Up as New Apple Watch”.
  • Now, you’ll see an Activation Lock screen demanding your Apple ID. Enter it to go to the next step.
  • Set up Siri and Route Tracking. If your phone doesn’t have Siri already enabled, it will automatically turn on after you select this option.
  • Sign in and create a passcode for the Apple Watch

Congrats! You’ve set up your Apple Smartwatch to use with your iPhone.

How to Set Up Your Android Smart watch?

Since Android Smartphones are of various brands, it is impossible for us to explain the setting up mechanism for each. What we will do in the following verses is give you a general account on how to set up your Android Smartwatch.

  • Download and Install Your Smartwatch’s App on your Android Phone
  • Turn Bluetooth on. Both your mobile and your smartwatch should have their Bluetooth on.
  • Open the Smartwatch App on your Phone
  • Select the Watch from the list given inside the App.
  • Two codes will appear– one on the Smartwatch screen and other on the Smartphone’s, make sure that both are matching and click “CONFIRM”
  • Turn on “Notifications” access from your watch on your phone.

How to Clean a Smartwatch?

Until now, we were concerned with how to choose a smartwatch. Under this heading, we will tell you how to maintain your smartwatch so that it lasts longer and better.

The first thing you need to know about them is smartwatches DO NOT have a regular screen. For, while traditional watches have a plastic face or glass cover which you can wipe clean with your T-shirt or a damp cloth, NEVER touch your smartwatch’s screen with anything damp, especially when the screen is on.

Rather, follow the below-mentioned steps to make your smartwatch crystal clear:

  • Turn it off
  • Take a damp microfiber cloth and use it to clean the screen
  • Never use a household duster or chemical or cleaner a for smart watch cleaning. They will do more harm than good.
  • Looking at the wristband, its MOC will determine how you may clean it. For example, if it is rubber, simply wipe the dirt away with a damp cloth. If it is cloth, just scrub it to remove the dirt stains.


All of the smartwatches mentioned above have been tried and tested by hundreds of people. So, if you decide to go with any one of these, there is a very good chance that you’d end up with the best wearable you ever had. Still, if you believe that none of these wearable watches meets your expectations, you can use the smartwatch buying guide as a template to get the best smartwatch from the market.


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