10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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pict headphones 1 audio vector stencils library.png diagram flowchart example 300x293 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews If there is one thing all smartphone users could agree on, that is that cable needs to be ditched once and forever. Apart from the hassle which it creates, cable is too difficult to carry, isn’t mobile, and takes up considerable space in our briefcases. Also, the length of the cable dictates that you cannot stay far from your device. That is where the Best Wireless Headphones 2017 come into play. Wireless headphones not only relieve us from the dreaded cable but also provide us with immaculate sound quality, replaceable ear pads, and brilliant connections. Most importantly, in 2017 the best wireless headphones don’t require you to charge them every day. They have long battery lives allowing you to use them mercilessly without a hint of a broken connection.


Best Wireless Headphones 2017

So far, we have tried to answer the major queries regarding wireless headphones. Now we are going to shed light on what we think are the Best Wireless Headphones 2017 on the market. Take a look.


1: Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Headphones: Express Your Mood

Are you ready to be blown away by the magic of technology? If your answer is affirmative, then the Arc Bluetooth Headphones from Wearhaus will definitely merit your attention!

Wearhaus Arc Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesFirst of all, you can forget where your mobile/laptop is when you are hearing the music via this headphone. This is due to the simple touch panel which allows you easy playback and sharing controls. You don’t have to reach to your mobile and/or laptop time and again for doing tasks such as rewinding, forwarding or stopping videos, increasing or decreasing the volume, skipping songs, and sharing controls. For, all these options are present on the outer side of your right earpiece. You can’t see them but they do work and all you have to do is to swap your finger on the headphone to let it do the magic.

Also, if you are working on a project and feel like your partner needs to listen what you have just created – but want to give your input as well, you can use this headphone to share audio with other similar units within a 30m syncing range.

Moreover, if you want, you can set up a light ring on the outer side of your headphones of the color of your choice. Whether you are sad, happy, or confused, you can let others know by matching the color on your headphone. As for the battery timing, fully charged headphones will work for 20 hours with lights off and 15 hours with the light on. You can also recharge the battery via a Micro USB cable which comes with the package.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
~ Share Audio with another Arc user within a 30m syncing range
~ Reflect your mood by customizing the light rings’ color
~ Touch Panel allows you to playback, skip, rewind, and share songs with other people
~ Huge battery life ranging from 15-20hours depending on usage
~ Soft and cozy padding
~ Rather tight on the head



2: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones: Forget to Charge Battery

If you know about the world of wireless headphones, it is impossible for you not to be aware of the Beats Solo formula. Using this recipe, Beats have produced one of the most popular headphones in the world and this one is no different.Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones If you are going to use these headphones with an Android Phone, they will look like just another normal pair. Use them with an iPhone and the experience will be a whole lot different. For, they have a new W1 chip that contacts directly with an iPhone. A pop-up message appears to form pairing every time these headphones will be turned on closed to your iPhone.

Battery life is truly world class, though. Apart from working for 50-hours on one charge, these headphones charge pretty fast. According to Beats, a five-minute charge will give you three hours of these headphones and a one hour recharge will recharge it fully.

Also, if you want to know how much charge is left, press the press the power button on the right headphone.

When you run out of charging, you can use the cable which will come alongside the headphones in the box. A wired version will let you take your calls hands-free and control the music while your phone remains in your pocket.

As for the sound quality, their bass is bold, big, and hard-hitting, as you might expect from any beats headphones. Also, the bass dominance won’t overwhelm other parts of the music, allowing you to focus on each of them separately

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
~ Sounds brilliant in both wired and wireless modes
~ Comfortable to wear
~ Battery life is class (40-hours)
~ Very easy to pair with Apple products
~ Very expensive and sometimes mid-range clogging could occur



3: SOL REPUBLIC Air Wireless accompanied with A2 Sound Engine: Best for Wide Range of Music

It was in 2011 that the Sol Republic launched their Tracks headphones for the first time. It sold brilliantly well thanks to their brilliant marketing campaign and an eye-catching design. Although this one is not much different, it has got some minor updates from its predecessors.

SOL REPUBLIC Air Wireless accompanied with A2 Sound Engine

As its name suggests, the “on-ear” headphone will sit atop your ears instead of enveloping them. These are very nicely padded which means that they should be pretty comfortable if you use them rightly. You can also bend the headband according to your convenience.

Inside the box, you will find a set of cables which allow you to convert these headphones into wired ones. Although the Micro-US Port is located on the right cup – which is a bit awkward, thankfully the power button is on top of the cup allowing you to find it by feel.

One thing which I liked about these headphones is the voice which comes from it, telling how much battery is left to charge when you are charging the battery.

Battery life isn’t humongous but at less than one and a half thousand dollars, 15-hours is an above average battery life for my money.

Turning our attention to audio and to judge its effectiveness, we judged these headphones against a diverse selection of tracks. A simple yet pleasant sound was provided, capped off with a powerful low note and a quick top end, which allowed for greater clarity on midrange and vocals. Hence, if you are looking for headphones that work for a wide range of music, the Tracks Air Wireless will for sure deliver.

Finally, for most of the time that we tested these headphones, they allowed us to sit back and enjoy. There was an occasional signal noise, but that wasn’t very frequent to disturb us.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Clear stereo sound
– Powerful sound
– Comfortable design
– An impressive wireless range
Not ideal to field long phone calls



4: B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphones: Best for Outside Noise Cancellation

If you are looking for a stylish set of headphones and are willing to pay over the odds, the H8 from B&O Play deserves your attention! B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Let’s start on a high note. As you might expect from a B&O Headphone, it is sturdy and comfortable. Also, it’s relatively compact, weighs just 255grams, looks beautiful on your head, and is comfortable when compared to other on-ear models.

The rechargeable battery also needs our attention because despite providing playback with Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth on, it is rated for an above-average 14hour music time. The earcups – which are made of anodized aluminum using a sheepskin pad, are ultrasoft but I’ve my doubts that they will steam up the ears when used in warmer climates.

On the outer side of the right cup, you will get a small gesture control to adjust volume, answer calls, and change songs. It works good but you can still end up accidently pausing or skipping the song you want to hear while removing the headphones.

Turning our attention to the sound quality, this headphone has loads of bass – which goes deep – a good clarity and a fairly warm midrange, despite the fact that the treble is slightly hyped. That said, you can remove the treble edginess by turning on the noise cancellation.

Finally, these headphones have a fair few strengths but when you gauge its features through the $500 price tag, you cannot help but notice some of the weakness as well. 

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Comes with Noise Cancellation
– Ultra-soft ear pads
– Sleek and sturdy design
– Provides good sound quality for a Bluetooth headphone
– The design isn’t as comfortable as one would like.


5: Plantronics Backbeat Sense Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic: Best for Switching Music between headphones

Nobody rates Plantronics in the same category as beats, but over the last few years, the company has made some headway and this headphone is a testament why it can compete with the bigger boys in the coming years. 

Plantronics Backbeat Sense Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic For an inexpensive price tag, it is lightweight (140grams), comes with a self-adjusting headband (which is metal), has earpads which are equipped with memory foam and which are clearly labeled “R” and “L”. Hence, If you are looking for a headphone which is as comfortable as the best ones out there – but aren’t willing to pay the astronomical price which they demand, Backbeat Sense from Plantronics deserves your attention.

Its feature set also impressed me. It has a sensor that knows when you are wearing the headphones and when you aren’t. Consequently, as soon as you take the headphone away from your head, the sensor will turn off the music, only to turn it on when you have them on once again (If you want, you can disable the sensor by calling the customer support of Plantronics).

Since it is using Bluetooth v4.0, you can connect two Bluetooth devices at a time and switch between them with aplomb. Backbeat also claims an extended wireless range – 330ft/100m instead of the standard 33ft/10m. Also, if you have a phone which supports AptX, this headphone will give you one extra incentive as being AptX-enabled, it will improve the quality of audio streaming over Bluetooth.

On towards the performance and although Sense’s bass is not fat at low-end, it provides good clarity over a wide range of music genres.  While it will obviously play loud at its loudest volume, sound clarity is at its best when the volume is restricted to about 75 percent.

One more thing: while sense doesn’t contain Active Noise cancellation, the earpads seal out a good portion of outside noise, allowing you to hear the music clearly.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Inexpensive
– Ear Pads seal a good portion of outside Noise
– AptX-enabled
– Extended wireless range
– When listening from Mac/PC, some optimizing issues might occur.



6. Marshall Major II Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones: Most Versatile (Ones which I personally use)

Most music lovers know Marshall for their guitar amplifiers, ones used by both rock stars and amateurs on stage. However, the company produces way more than just amplifiers as, in the last few years, it has produced Bluetooth Speakers, headphones and even a smartphone.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth - one of the truly best wireless headphones

Focusing on the Major II and despite having a cheap build, it has many features to turn your head towards itself.

First thing first and while the earcups come in a more rounded design, both the headband and hinges are more flexible, whereas the headphones are comfortable to wear and fit your head better.

Also, if you like a headphone to be versatile, Major II falls into that category as by giving dual 3.5mm jacks on both earcups, it gives you the freedom to choose the side to put your cable on. Or, if you want to, a friend can also plug in and share the music. Turning our attention to its performance and despite the fact that it is sub $100, you can’t guess the price tag by hearing the sound. The mid-bass smash is much better than its wired counterpart which makes for an exciting and fun listening experience. That said, if you listen to guitar music frequently, Major II isn’t worth your money.

The bass simply overpowers the music, sinking both guitars and cymbals. Hence, if you are a rock music fan who wants to listen to it loud and rough, Major II is a must-have. Finishing on a positive note, Major II has a battery life of 30hours. Although I spent it for more than a week, I was unable to take the life out of its battery. Thus, if you hate to charge devices, this one merits your attention.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Extended battery life
– Good sound isolation
– Iconic Styling
– Dual 3.5mm jacks on both earcups
– Bass is uncontrolled



7. Libratone Q ADAPT Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Adjustable Noise Cancellation: Best Bass Headphone

With the introduction of iPhone 7, the death knell of 3.5mm headphone was sounded and companies like Libratone moved swiftly to pick up the ruins by producing wireless connected headphones. Taking advantage of Apple’s patented connector, Libratone Q Adapt offers a unique set of headphones.

Libratone Q ADAPT Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Adjustable Noise Cancellation

First thing first and since it will get its power from your Apple device, you will never have to charge these headphones, a rarity for headphones which come with a noise cancellation feature.

There are four noise cancellation levels on offer and if you are wondering why they are provided to cater for those people who want to listen to the music while also being cognizant of their surroundings. Greater the level, greater will be the noise cancellation and thus lower will be outside voice.

Also, if you don’t want to take off your on-ear headphones while conversing with your colleagues, all you have to do is to wave your hand by your ear and the music will be muted.The Q Adapt allows you to sync with another pair so that both of you can listen to the same music.

As for the sound, while it will do just enough to grasp the fluidity and melody of songs, you might find it difficult to listen to deeper and subtle dynamics for it has a habit of skimming over the surface rather than sharing the meaningful detail. On the positive side, its balance is great which means that bass won’t simply overpower the music, providing you a fairly pleasant and an inoffensive listen.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Controlled bass
– Comfortable design and build
– Clean performance
– Good control application
– Lack subtle details, punch and dynamism



8: Harman Kardon SOHO Premium: Best Portable Headphone

If you look at the history of Harman Kardon, the company has a history of making the edgy portable audio technology of which the SOHO Black Premium is the newest child. Hence, if you want to have “how that much sound comes could out from that tiny thing” feeling, be ready to brace the SOHO Black Premium.

Harman Kardon SOHO Premium

At it’s price, you would require a wireless headphone to be both portable and petite and this one doesn’t disappoint. On the outer side of the frame, you’ll see accents of stainless steel and stitched leather.

However, despite being of premium quality themselves, the execution of these materials seems like a misstep to me. The first issue I had with this headphone was that the headband was curiously stiff against my head. You feel more like wearing earmuffs in the winter than an expensive set of headphones due to the lack of plush support. If you want to look at features that swerve your eyes towards the right ear pad, for it is where the features are loaded.

On the bottom, a 3.5mm wired solution is provided for those of you who want to save battery. Just move up a little and you’ll find the micro-USB port – which is for charging, and the Bluetooth discovery button which also serves as a power button.

As for the sound, the SOHO sounds fairly clean and the good thing is that there is no bass overpowering the sound to drown the clarity. Concluding my remarks, I can say that while this headphone won’t fit everybody, for others it is a brilliant on-ear headphone. Still, when you look at its price tag, I cannot hide my frustration as I expected a better headphone for this price.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Gives clear sound
– Stellar portability
– Offers a plethora of useful features
– Won’t fit everybody



9: Bose Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Most Comfortable Headphones

If you are a Bose fan who has been waiting anxiously for the company to release a wireless headphone which features noise cancellation technology, this headphone isn’t for you. For all others, however, it offers a cool design, usable features, and good sound quality to justify its exorbitant price tag. Bose Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones First thing first, this headphone isn’t the most compact you’ll ever come across. Having said that, it’s large size hasn’t done anything to increase its weight as it weighs only 153g. Also, the earcups – which are furnished with memory foam, are comfortable as is the headband which is quite comfortable to wear. Still, while they will fit snugly on your head, the headphones aren’t built to be worn while they are exercising for they will move around if your head shakes.

Since they are also not water resistant, I would recommend sweating on them. Inside the case and you’ll find a cable to convert the headphones into its wired version and a micro-USB charging cable. Battery life is 15hours which are quite good considering the fact that other headphones of same prices – such as the Beats Solo 2 Wireless, have a battery life of 12 hours. On towards the sound and this is where these headphones earn their money.

Apart from the Bluetooth connection – which is very solid on both computers and mobile devices, it offers a well-balanced sound with as much clarity as you expect from Bose devices. Hence, whether you are punchy bass, a rich mid-range or detailed high frequencies, these headphones will handle all types of music pretty well.

Also, while most headphones require electrical boosting to empower bass with its natural richness, these beauties – thanks to the Bose’s TriPort Technology, are enough on their own. Thus, while they don’t support AptX, you don’t need AptX in my opinion when the headphones are so brilliant on their own.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Clarity of Sound
– 15-hour battery life
– Voice Prompts when the Bluetooth connection breaks down
– Comfortable to wear as long as you aren’t exercising with them on
-Bose could have done better than providing plastic construction for such a high price



10. Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset: Most underrated headphones

You might testify that when it comes to couch potatoes and fitness freaks, there aren’t many wireless headphones which cater to the needs of both. There is, however, an aberration in the form of Jabra Move which is as useful for the couch potatoes due to its sport set as it is for the fitness freaks thanks to its light weight.

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset Starting with its design, Jabra Move comes in various colors all of which have one thing in common: the dirt resistant mesh fabric coating the headband.

In addition to being breathable, the fabric has as much padding as necessary to keep it from nestling down in the hair. The stainless steel is both sturdy and incredibly flexible.

The Bluetooth discovery button which doubles as the power switch is located on the right earcup alongside the micro-USB charging port. Turning left and there you will see a standard 2.5mm input to plug the wire into in case the battery has died down. All the other primary controls – such as the play and pause functions, multifunction button, voice control and other basic phone controls also exist here.

Looking at the sound and to be honest with you, the first impression of these headphones failed to impress me. Since they are diminutive in size, it seemed to me that their sound would be worse. How wrong was I! Inside both the earcups you’ll find little speakers that provide the performance of the highest order. Be it the sharp, punchy bass or the soft, bland classical music, all the sounds will be as clear as they come. Hence, while it did fool me, don’t let the pocket-sized headphones do the same to you.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Very lightweight – feels like you aren’t wearing them
– Inexpensive
– Provide clear sound
Bold design
– Sound leaks through the earcups




As stated above, not all of these headphones are tailor made for you. Still, all of them are so diverse in their performances and features that it is almost impossible for a serious buyer to go through the features of all of them without deciding on their favorite headphone. Hence, now that we have done our part, it depends on you how YOU want to listen music!

Buying Guide for the Best Wireless Headphones

Although you might have already read the above reviews, we still recommend you read this guide anyway. For, apart from making you cognizant of the technology related to wireless headphones, it will teach you how to use them.

Wired Vs Wireless: Pros and Cons

Although this review is about the best wireless headphones, we seemed it convenient to describe its differences from the wired headphone. Take a look.

Wireless Headphones


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Mobile and easily portable
– No cable to become tangled in
– Better compatibility with a large range of devices
– Battery timing might be a problem
– Might be expensive than wired headphones


Wired Headphones

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Sound quality is better
– Plug and play without any setup
– Less expensive
– Might get tangled in cable
– Limited mobility due to the length of the cable



Types of Wireless Headphones

Just like everything else in our lives, wireless headphones come in many types. Let’s take a look at which of those types suit you the best.

Infrared Wireless Headphones

If you have devices such as older TV’s which are equipped with the built-in wireless feature, infrared headphones are one option. Despite this, they have their fare shares of limitations. Take a look.


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– A surround sound effect is created by separate transfer of voice to right and left headphones
– Improved sound quality due to the transmission of digital signal
– Inexpensive and secure
– Can use more than one headphones with a single audio source
– Limited range.
– Unlike Bluetooth headphones, their signals cannot pass through obstructions
– A separate transmitter is needed to operate them.



Radio Frequency Headphones

When it comes to range, RF headphones lie between Infrared and Bluetooth headphones. They do have their share of pros and cons. Let us take a look.


Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Work at a range of 100-150 feet from the source
– Solid objects do not decrease their signal transmission.
– Sturdy
– Not secure. Other users can intercept your call.
– A separate transmitter is required
– Other devices within the same frequency range can create a buzzing or static sound


Bluetooth Headphones

Purchase any modern device, and it is likely it will have a built-in Bluetooth capability. Thanks to the obvious popularity of Bluetooth for file transfer, Bluetooth-compatible headphones are now in vogue. Still, they aren’t without their drawbacks.

Pros of Raising The Minimum Wage 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing 300x80 - 10 Best Wireless Headphones 2017? - Buyer's Guide & Reviews
– Compatible with most modern day devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones
– Lack of separate transfer allows you to use it on the go
– Less power consumption resulting in a longer battery life
– Provide secure connection
– There might be latency (delaying in sound) if you use the ordinary Bluetooth headphones for videos.
– One device could connect to only one headphone at a time.


Design of the headphone: Over the Ear Vs Earbuds

Once you have designed which wireless system is best for your headphone, you need to examine the design of the headphone.

Most wireless headsets come in two types: over the ear and earbuds. Let’s check out the strengths and drawbacks of each.

Portability. If you travel hard and long and want a wireless headphone that could do the same, go for the earbuds for they are extremely portable. They are so small, and their enclosures are so tiny that you can coil them up and store them in your pocket. On the contrary, over the ear smartphones are not that portable.

Noise Rejection. If you want to hear the sound properly, it is imperative that your headphone has a noise rejection technique. Without it, the sound inside the headphone will merely be competing with the outside noise to decrease both the quality and the clarity. For noise rejection, earbuds win the race because if you insert them properly into the ear canal, they will simply block out the outside noise.

Comfort. If you have sensitive ears, go for over the ear smartphones. Yes, not all earbuds are the same, and some of them are more comfortable than others while fitting into your ear. However, even those earbuds are no match with over the ear headphones because the latter simply provide sound while remaining outside the ear.

Sound. When it comes to sound quality, the hi-fi sound – which every headphone claims to deliver, is provided only by open back, over the ear, headphones.

Style of the Headphone

Apart from the design of the earpiece, customers can also decide which style of wireless headphone adores them the most. In terms of style, wireless headphones usually come in four types. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Headband. When you think of a headphone, the image which comes to your mind is that of a headband. With a plastic on top of your head, padded earcups cover your ears from the outside. Usually, the pads are huge to mitigate noise from the outside. They might be good for studio work but if you want to listen to music while lying on your bed, they might not be the best choice.

Neckband. If you are looking for a headphone specifically for exercise, neckband merit your attention. By forming a loop around your neck, it rests on your shoulders with earbuds inserted into your ears.

Ear Hook. Whether you are looking for hands-free communication, a microphone, or headphones which don’t have a band connecting them, ear hooks are a MUST-HAVE for you. They do have their drawbacks in a sense that since they aren’t adjustable. Hence, a customer has to be doubly careful before purchasing an ear hook to make sure that it meets their ear size. 

In-ear.  If you are a late sleeper and likes to hear music while lying in bed, in-ear headphones are a must-have for you. They are different from ear buds via a small attachment which seals your ear, just like an ear plug to block out the outside noise

Other Important Features and Characteristics

Waterproof or Water-resistant

In stark contrast to popular opinion, there’s a huge difference between waterproof and water resistant headphones. While the former will allow you to go swimming with, the latter will only tolerate minor splashes and sweat. Also, if you are going for waterproof wireless headphones, check out the instruction manual for the maximum depth at which the headphone can function.

Built-in Microphone

Most people think it is a given but most wireless headphones – and certainly the ordinary ones, DO NOT come with a built-in microphone. Hence, if you don’t want to feel embarrassed in front of your colleagues – by searching for a microphone when there isn’t one, check out whether your preferred headphone has a built-in mic or not When checking the microphone, take a look at its voice pick-up and clarity. Is the mic built inside the headphone or incorporated into the cable?

Battery life

It is a no brainer but one that still needs to be reiterated. Even if you have at your disposal the greatest wireless headphones, they will be good for nothing if their battery life is poor. To check the battery life, take a look at the instruction manual which comes alongside a headphone. It should be mentioned here. Also, read the reviews of other customers for the battery timing.

Music Control

Similar to that of wired headphones, wireless headphones pause the music when a call is incoming. Some of them have three buttons on the headphone for pausing music, increasing and decreasing the voice. Others use a motion sensor technology allowing you to merely move your hand in front of the earcup to switch the music.


Take any wireless headphone and its weight will range from 12g to 310g. If you will be wearing your headphone for long, go for a lighter version. That said, the lighter versions might not have the same features and battery life as the heavier ones. Thus, make your choice by keeping all factors in consideration.

Sound Quality

To improve the sound quality, two techniques are in vogue among the wireless headphones: noise cancellation and an ear plug. While the noise cancellation technique will limit the external noise via a complex phenomenon, the ear plugs will limit the noise simply by blocking its path.


As mentioned above, RF headphones have the greatest range whereas Infrared headphones have the least with the Bluetooth headphones lying somewhere in between. Assuming that you’d go for a Bluetooth headphone, the best wireless headphones have a Bluetooth range of up to 300feet.


Wireless headphones employ two mechanisms for charging: either the headphone can be charged using the same charger as your cell phone or it can be charged via the USB cable.

If you are to use your headphone with your cell phone most of the time, it is recommended that both of them should be manufactured by the same company. In this way, you can both charge your headphone with your smartphone and/or use the same charger for both.




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